Canada is a great country for its citizens and permanent residents. The Government of Canada is very famous for giving excellent social services such as:

  • excellent public education from first grade to twelveth (high school)
  • free English or French classes
  • top healthcare system
  • unemployment insurance
  • college or university support

If you google a little, you will find many articles by different sources talking about top quality living countries; look further, you will realize that Canada is listed always on them.

Because of this, Canada is a very attractive country for immigrants. Canada knows this, and it has set up some immigration programs that allow certain people to immigrate in a win-win relationship. Canada will greet you with all its benefits and in exchange, the country expects you to contribute to its economy one way or other.

Please do not come illegally

Although Canada has more than one immigration program, not everybody qualifies on them. Many people take the wrong call and stay illegally in the Country abusing of the goodwill the country has.

Please consider your actions before taking this path, you will be unprotected and exposed to the following threads:

  • you can only aspire to cash jobs: because you would be out of the system, the only way you can get paid for your work is in cash. Unfortunately for you, Canada is a country that lives in the digital era. The only cash works you may find are those related to housekeeping, dishwashers, construction, landscaping, underemployment in general.
  • you will earn less than the minimum salary: because of non-status in Canada, there is no law that protects you. Employers will take advantage of this and offer you less than the minimum salary. You cannot report the bullish employer because you will uncover your non-legal status, and as the payment would be in cash, there is no record of you working for him. In other words, it's your word against his. In addition, you need to know that living in Canada is expensive.
  • you run the risk of not being paid: employers may take advantage of this, and they may delay or not pay for your work at will. Again, because you non-status in Canada, reporting him will uncover you
  • the doctor is expensive: although you will get a fair service, you will need to pay for it. A doctor's appointment could cost you no less than 50 dollars plus prescriptions
  • you cannot have a nice home: by nice home, we talk about having a house or a condo. Although you may find a particular landlord who may rent his condo or house for cash payment this is very unlikely. Usually, you will get basements or rooms for cash, but it is not the same as having your own place
  • you cannot have access to the bank system and its benefits: not only no credit line but you do not qualify for the retirement plans the Government of Canada offers to its citizens and permanent residents
  • you will always live watching over your shoulder: there is no peace living each day hoping not to be reported. If you get caught, you will be banned from Canada for a certain period of time

Illegal residents usually get inside the country because they enjoy the benefits of a non-visa entry as a tourist. The tourist period ends and they do not return to their country. You need to know that the Government of Canada keeps statistics, and you are just one more point closer to make your home country to require a visa even as a tourist.

Finally, some illegal residents may justify themselves as they "follow their dreams". Well, following your dreams is not justification for breaking the law. There are many other ways to follow your dreams.

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