Greater Sudbury is a city located in the province of Ontario, Canada. Gran Sudbury was created in 2001 by merging two cities and towns in the Sudbury municipal region, along with other neighbouring municipalities.

It is the largest city in population in northern Ontario and the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada. On the ground, it is the largest city in Ontario, the seventh largest municipality in the Canadian area and the largest municipality in the area in English legally designed as a city.

Greater Sudbury is one of the five cities in Ontario (the others are Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Kawartha Lakes) that are independent of the district, county or regional municipality.

It is also the only city with two official names (its name in French is Grand-Sudbury, where French is the mother tongue of a third of its population.) Unlike some cities such as Greater Toronto or Greater Montreal, the name "Greater Sudbury "refers to a single city, not a union of different municipalities, however, the name Sudbury, without its official modifications, is still very common to hear daily.

The last census of the metropolitan area included the city, Indian reserves of Lake Whitefish and Wannapitae, and had a population of 158,528 in the 2006 census. Statistics Canada estimates that Greater Sudbury has a net population of 165,322. Informally, some residents of the area could consider Markstay Warren, St. Charles and French River, a region known as East of Sudbury, as well as remote communities of Estaire and Cartier within the area.

Greater Sudbury has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb). This region has warm and often hot summers with long, cold and snowy winters. It is located north of the Great Lakes, making it prone to Arctic air masses. The monthly rainfall is the same throughout the year, with an expected snow cover of six months a year. Although extreme weather events are rare, one of the worst tornadoes in Canadian history hit the city and its suburbs on August 20, 1970, killing six people, injuring two hundred and causing more than C $ 17 million in damages.

It is characterized by an economy dominated by mining, also noted for technological innovations, health and education.

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