Airdrie is a city in Alberta, Canada, located just north of Calgary on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. It is part of the census area of ​​the metropolitan region of Calgary and is a member of the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP). Because of its proximity to Calgary, the population of Airdrie has grown a lot recently. The city limits are all within the rural county of Rocky View.

In the 2006 census, a population of 28,927 was recorded. According to the 2009 civic census, the population of Airdrie was 38 091.

Airdrie was first established as a temporary railroad village in 1889 during the construction of the Calgary & Edmonton railway pass. Today, Airdrie is a dormitory city and an industrial center.

Airdrie is served by the Airdrie Airport, with the closest major airport being the Calgary International Airport.

Airdrie launched the InterCity Express (ICE) in the fall of 2010, connecting Airdrie and Calgary transit hubs by a two-way express bus service.[46] Local bus service is provided by Airdrie Transit.

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