Vancouver is an overflowing seaport on the west coast of British Columbia and is within Canada's most densely populated and diverse cities. It is a popular destination for film recording since it is surrounded by mountain, as well as having an active artistic, theatrical and musical environment. The Vancouver Art Gallery is known for its works by regional artists, while the Museum of Anthropology houses sublime collections of the Original Nations of Canada. The city was named after Captain George Vancouver, an English explorer.

Vancouver is one of the warmest cities in Canada. The city has a temperate climate according to Canadian standards and is generally classified as oceanic, which under the Köppen climate classification system would be Cfb. The summer months are usually dry, on average one in five days receives rainfall during the months of July and August. On the contrary, rainfall during the days from November to March is almost half.

The economy of the city has been traditionally depended on the primary sector of British Columbia: forestry, mining, fishing and agriculture. The town was originally founded in the 1860s as a result of immigration caused by the gold rush of the Fraser Canyon, and quickly developed to become a metropolitan centre after the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1887.

The port of Vancouver became internationally relevant when the Panama Canal was completed, which reduced freight rates in the 1920s and made it possible to export grain crops from the Canadian prairies through the city. Since then it has been the most important seaport in Canada and exports more cargo than any other port in North America.

However, Vancouver's economy has diversified over time: the tourism industry has grown, for example, and it has become North America's third largest film production centre, after Los Angeles and New York, so it has earned the nickname of North Hollywood.

Vancouver is a great place if you are looking for something in the city but also with the surrounding mountains. If you are into forestry, mining, fishing, agricultural or working in a port this would be a great place to reside

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