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Abroad, this is a very popular myth. Many people mistakenly think that in Canada you are paid for having children. Actually, nobody is paid for it. What is true is that the Canadian government in general (at the federal and provincial levels) grants different benefits in taxes that are misinterpreted as a payment for having children. 

Mainly, the Canadian government grants two types of benefits:

  • A decrease of a fixed amount (per child) in the annual return: as a legal resident in Canada (permanent or temporary), the country allows you to discount a certain amount in the annual tax deduction. How most of the immigrants are employed, their tax deductions have already been made in the year, this allows them to have a refund. This phenomenon is the one that is mistakenly interpreted as an annual payment for having children.
  • Child benefit: the Canadian government grants permanent residents and temporary workers with at least eighteen months in the country a monthly benefit that increases for each child. This financial aid is not considered a payment, it is a tax benefit to help keep infants.

The Canadian government makes these benefits through a check or direct deposit to a bank account.


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