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It is wrongly believed that Canadian health care is free: Permanent residents and citizens do not have to pay to go to the doctor or to get some treatment at the hospital. The truth is, Canadian health care is paid through the taxes. According to the 2012 edition of the Prince of Public health care say that the average Canadian family pays $11,400 in taxes for health care insurance. The price of Healthcare in Canada is actually increasing over time at a greater rate compared to others expenditures. That's just what's considered basic health care, it is also dental and vision care, prescription drugs and more that are not “free”.

There is also a different health care plan depending on where you live. Even though the price of the Canadian Healthcare might be better than in other cities, it has many flaws. For example, if you need an appointment at a hospital you get put on a wait list. A resident in British Columbia needed a hip replacement and had to wait four months for an appointment, one of the nurses said that "It’s either pay more and be seen much quicker or don’t pay extra and have to wait a bit longer." A doctor said they see more complains about the wait list online than from the patients and that emergency patients are seen more quickly, therefore they think the system is doing good. Except lately when people can't access the community services they go to the emergency care, which blocks the system. Doctors also think that people aren't getting all the mental health system they need since there's lack of access.

Usually, Government of Canada's Health Insurance covers physician appointments. If you do not have a private insurance, you will need to pay for your prescriptions. Non-cosmetic treatments and dentist are not covered by the public insurance either.


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