See below some words that are common as being misspelled

Correct Spelling  Incorrect Spelling 
Accept (agree) Except
Accessible Acessible/Accessable
Accommodate Acommodate/Accomodate
Acknowledgement Acknowledgment 
Acquire Aquire
Analyze Analyse
Authorized Authorised
B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) B.S.
Behaviour Behavior 
Benefited  Benefitted 
Calibre  Caliber
Cancelled  Canceled
Capital(city) Capitol
Capital(money) Capitol
Capitalize Capitalise
Catalogue Catalog
Categorize Categorise
Centimetre Centimeter
Centralize Centralise
Centre Center
Centred Centered
Characterize Characterise
Colour Color
Computerize Computerise
Correspondence Correspondance
Counselled Counseled
Counsellor Counselor
Customize Customise
Defence Defense
Demeanour Demeanor
Dual (double) Duel
Elicit (bring about) Illicit
Emigrate (leave a place) Immigrate
Endeavour Endeavor
Enrol Enroll
Enrolment Enrollment
Except (exclude) Accept
Familiarize Familiarise
Fervour Fervor
Finalize Finalise
Focused Focussed
Fulfill Fulfil
Grey Gray
Harmonize Harmonise
Honour Honor
Honoured Honored
Illicit (unlawfull) Elicit
Immigrate (enter a place) Emigrate
Initialize Initialise
Instalment Installment
Kilometre Kilometer
Labelled Labeled
Labour Labor
Labourer Laborer
Levelled Leveled
Liasie Liase
Licence (a certificate License
License (to allow) Licence
Litre Liter
Manager Manger
Manoeuvre Maneuver
Metre (unit of measurement) Meter
Minimize Minimise
Mitre Miter
Mobilize Mobilise
Modelled Modele
Mould (to shape something) Mold
Neutralize Neutralise
Occasional Occassional
Occurrence Occurance
Offence Offense
Organization Organisation
Organize Organise
Paycheque Paycheck
Practice (a place) Practise
Practise (to rehearse) Practice
Premier (first) Premiere
Premiere (grand opening) Premier
Principal (head of an organization) Principle
Principal (money) Principle
Principle (basic truth) Principal
Prioritize Prioritise
Privilege Priviledge
Realize Realise 
Recognize Recognise
Reflection Reflexion
Résumé/Resumé Résume/Resume
Rigour Rigor
Scrutinize Scrutinise
Separate Separate
Specialize Specialise
Stabilize Stabilise
Than (comparing something) Then 
Then (time) Than
Travelled Traveled
Unionized Unionised 
Utilize Utilise
Visualize Visualise
We're (we are) Were
You're (you are) Your 

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