Mississauga is a city located in western Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It belongs to the Peel Regional Municipality, west of the Greater Toronto metropolitan area. Developed as a suburb of Toronto, the growth of Mississauga is attributed to its proximity to the city. It is the 37th largest suburb in the world in population and the 4th largest in North America.

In Mississauga, there are more than 18,000 companies ranging from corporate headquarters and industrial branches to small stores that deal with resales. Mississauga businesses are facing certain issues at this time. Due to international competition, political and economic changes and the rapid advancement of technology, companies need more highly skilled workers. Employees recognize the need to retrain to recycle the existing workforce and incorporate those who want to work but have not been able to due to the low level of qualification and other impediments.

Mississauga has an ideal environment for small businesses. Many developers have built small multiple units that provide efficient and affordable accommodations for small companies. The economic stability of Mississauga increases because of thousands of small and medium businesses. Most of these entrepreneurs have less than fifty employees.

Demographics in Mississauga indicate that the labor market is undergoing quite dramatic changes. It is believed that in the next ten years, 70% of the workers will be composed of women, racial minorities, and people with disabilities. It is also evident that the workforce is aging and few young people are available to take jobs that require the level and many of the current workers are struggling to adapt to the climate of economic change.

The most powerful industries in Mississauga are pharmaceutical, electronic, computer, chemical, transport and equipment.


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