What is Katapulta?
Katapulta is the project that will help you to resolve your doubts about Canada, help you in the process of getting a job, and migrating to this awesome country.
What is it?
Visit Canada
Come and visit Canada. You will love it!
Study in Canada
If you are looking forward to studying at a University, you will need to get a Study permit.
Work in Canada
Working in Canada as a Temporal Foreign Worker requires a work permit and some cultural changes.
Temporal Foreign Worker
Live in Canada
Living in Canada as Permanent Residents opens a huge door of benefits. Read how to get them all.
Permanent Resident
Employer's Corner
If you are a Canadian employer and you are looking forward to hiring a temporal foreign worker, we present you what to do.

The immigration process is not an easy path. You lose time and money if you misinterpret a process. Katapulta recommends the following Certified Immigration Consultants

List of outstanding Immigration Consultants

All documentation in your migratory process must be in English or French. The Goverment of Canada accepts document translation done by certified translators.

List of outstanding Translators

The Canadian Resumé is the most important thing you need to do to find a job in Canada.

List of outstanding Writers


Katapulta is the project that will help you to visit, study, work or live in Canada.