Canada is a great country for its citizens and permanent residents. The government of Canada is very famous for providing excellent social services, such as:

  • excellent public education from the first grade to the twelfth grade (high school)
  • Free English or French classes
  • superior health system
  • unemployment insurance
  • university assistance

If you google a bit, you will find many articles from different sources that speak about high-quality countries; look beyond, you will notice that Canada always appears on the lists.

In addition, Canada has really beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes that every tourist should know. Because of this, Canada is one of the countries with constant tourism; in the summer its great lakes are a great attraction, in the winter skiing on the snow becomes a unique experience.

Unfortunately, many tourists think it is very easy to skip the rules and look for work without having the corresponding permission. We will write here everything that is exposed, both they, their companions and employers.

What do I Expose if I Work Without a Permit in Canada?

Whatever the situation, tourist or without status, the detail is that there is no permission. That automatically exposes you to certain risks:

  • You can only aspire to cash jobs: because you would be out of the system, the only way you can get paid for your work is in cash. Unfortunately, Canada is a country that lives in the digital era. The only cash jobs you can find are those related to cleaning service, dishwashers, construction, landscaping and underemployment in general. Some employers do not verify the status of employees in these types of jobs and pay by check. A check without access to a banking system becomes difficult to charge; Some money remittance services allow you to cash checks with very high commissions. Sometimes, employers only pay companies and to pay they will request to have a registered company, without being a resident or citizen you will not be able to and you will have worked for free.
  • you earn less than the minimum wage: not necessarily true, but because of the lack of status in Canada, there is no law that protects it. Employers will take advantage of this and offer you less than the minimum wage. He can not inform the abusive employer because he will discover his non-legal status, and since the payment would be in cash, there is no record of working for him. In other words, it is your word against yours. Also, you should know that living in Canada is expensive.
  • you run the risk of not receiving payment: employers can take advantage of this and may delay or not pay for their work at will. Again, because he has no status in Canada, reporting will discover it.
  • In case of illness, the doctor is expensive: although you will get a fair service, you will have to pay for it. An appointment with the general practitioner could cost you no less than $ 50 plus medication.
  • you can not have a decent home: with a good home, we talk about having a house or a condominium. Although you may find a particular owner who can rent your condo or house for cash payment, this is very unlikely. Usually, you will get basements or rooms for cash, but it is not the same as having your own place; Living in a basement in winter is a depressing experience.
  • can not access the banking system and its benefits: not only does it have no line of credit, but it does not qualify for the retirement plans that the government of Canada offers its citizens and permanent residents.
  • you will always live watching your back: there is no peace living every day waiting to be denounced. If they catch you, you will be prohibited from returning to Canada for a certain period of time.
  • exposure to occupational hazards: having only access to jobs that pay in cash (construction, for example), you are left unprotected due to an accident at work that affects your health. Getting sick means not working and stop making money.

What do I Expose to my Minor (son/daughter) if I work without a permit in Canada?

Some tourists and people without status not only come to Canada to work alone but also bring minor children. They should know that they not only expose themselves but also the minors. Here is a small list:

  • Limited access to basic education: if the tourist status is still valid, the only way that a minor can enter the school is by paying a fairly high sum of money or waiting to lose the status. In addition, you should know that in some services it is a requirement to sign a privacy notice that gives the agency the right to transmit information to the federal government, including the immigration status of you and your children. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before the federal government contacts you.
  • Limited daycare services: in many provinces, childcare services are tax deductible. Only registered nurseries are able to issue this benefit. When you are without a work permit, you can not deduct this expense. As a consequence, you should look for affordable daycare and not always cheap is good, especially when it comes to caring for your child.
  • High medical expenses: minors are not aware of their immigration status. A minor is much more exposed to diseases and health risks than an adult. In the case of an emergency (bone break or fever of 40 C) you can go to a hospital; The hospital will not deny you medical care, but you must pay an account that can exceed one thousand dollars.

What is an Employer Exposed When Hiring Employees Without a Permit in Canada?

In short, there are fines for employers who do not meet the requirements of law when hiring a temporary worker. These are up to $ 50,000 and jail for up to two years.

Finally, some illegal residents can justify themselves as they want to "follow their dreams". Well, following your dreams is not a justification for breaking the law. There are many other ways to follow your dreams.

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