Usually a tourist visa can last a maximum of six months from the day entered in Canada as a visitor, but if at the time of entering Canada the immigration agent writes a date on the entry stamp in the passport, the last one on the day that you are authorized to stay in Canada, the departure date would be this one. The extension must be made up to 60 days before the original permit expires.

To know if you can apply for a visa extension you go to the the following link

Who should apply for the Extension of a Tourist Visa?

The Tourist Extension must be requested by the actual tourist. Only authorized third parties, such as certified migration consultants, can execute this process on your behalf.

What are the Steps to Request an Extension of a Tourist Visa?

If you want to apply to extend the tourist visa, you must keep in mind that the following documents must be submitted along with the forms:

  • A letter indicating the reason why you want to stay longer in the country
  • A copy of the passport - the page with your personal data and the page with the date of entry
  • Proof of status in Canada. Only if there is a valid immigration document (Visitor Record)
  • A copy of the marriage certificate, if applicable
  • The necessary evidence must also be provided to demonstrate the existence of the economic resources to cover the stay in the country (as a visitor, you are not authorized to work in Canada).

If you do not have enough savings or other income this can be a problem, but there is the option to include an affidavit from a friend or family, who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, in which this person assures that they will cover their expenses while you stay in Canada. This person must also include a letter of employment and a copy of the last Notice of Assessment (tax) to verify that they have the necessary income from an extra expense.

What are the forms that should be completed to request the Tourist Visa Extension?

In the following link, you will find all the necessary forms: As a tip, you should always download the forms from the official site; if these change and the updated ones are not sent, the process is automatically denied.

What happens if I send the Extension Request and I do not receive a Response until after my status expires?

Immigration regulations have provided this type of situation and there is a section of the law that says that if the extension of status was sent before the immigration status expired, the person continues to have the same status until the moment of receiving the response. This process is called "implied status" or implied status. The following league explains it

What is the Cost of a Visa Extension?

The cost of a visa extension is $100 Canadian dollars. Only payments made online are accepted on the immigration page.

How do I apply for the Visa Extension?

You will have to obtain a user and password, all the procedure is done online, you will find the information in the following link

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