The work permit is the authorization that the Government of Canada grants to foreign workers to work in national territory. Closed work permits only authorize work for a specific employer and open work permits authorize work with any employer.

Who should apply for the Open Work Permit?

The Open Work Permit must be requested by the main applicant for the work permit closed or studies. In the case of the refuge, the main applicant. The main applicant has the option of allowing third parties to manage the request. Only authorized third parties, such as certified migration consultants, can execute this process on your behalf.

How much does an Open Work Permit cost?

The cost is approximately 150 Canadian dollars for work permits of any kind. Open work permits require an additional payment of 100 Canadian dollars. Payments are made through the Government of Canada website or in person (if you are at the border).

If you come with a family member, you must pay for each of them. The principal applicant will obtain a closed work permit or study permit and you can apply for an open work permit and your economic dependents (children) will obtain a visitor's permit (enough to study in Canada).

The processing fee must be paid by the main applicant.

What to do to apply for an Open Work Permit?

The Government of Canada website has an explanation, but it seems that it is not very clear to everyone. There are different ways to obtain an open work permit:

  • Accompanying a closed work permit applicant or study permit applicant
  • Being a refugee
  • Having a permanent residency application in progress and a closed work permit that will expire in the next six months. This case is also called the Bridge Open Work Permit (BOWP).

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Work Permit

An open work permit has the great advantage that allows the holder to work for any employer in Canada. If you have an open work permit, the opportunities to be employed are the same as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.

Except for the BOWP, open work permits have two major disadvantages: they are associated with a principal applicant who must be your spouse, if the principal applicant's permit expires, you can not renew your work permit open; and having an open work permit does not give you any points in the Express Entry, therefore it is a disadvantage if the permanent residence is the final goal.

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