Canada recognizes the importance of the construction market and its workers. Construction is the major industry in Canada but it is also one of the most sensitive industry to the ups and downs of the economy. Skilled trades, particularly those in construction, will continue to be in demand over the next several years in the GTA. The construction industry is facing significant labour shortages.

Also, the Government of Canada knows that this couldn't be possible without the effort of many construction workers whose status is not always clear. In order to help both parties, the government looks forward to giving permanent residence up to 500 construction workers (and their families) in the GTA area.

Construction Workers Requirements for Permanent Residence

The government of Canada sets a set of conditions in order to be able to participate. They are as follows:

  • Legally entered the country with a construction work permit, paid taxes and filed their tax returns (400 principal applicants), or
  • Legally entered the country as a temporary resident (this means a record of a visitor, 100 principal applicants)
  • Been at least 5 years in Canada without interruption
  • Been working without authorization in the construction industry for at least 3 of the last 5 years. Proof should be given such as a letter from employer. Not all construction occupations are eligible. Must be one of these:
    • NOC 72XX - Trade and skilled transport and equipment operators
    • NOC 73XX - Maintenance and equipment operation trades
    • NOC 7441 - Residential and commercial installers and servicers. Also known as air treatment installer, aluminum awning installer, aluminum door and window installer, aluminum door installer, aluminum siding installer, aluminum window installer, antenna installer – electronic equipment, automatic door system installer, automatic door system installer and servicer, automatic door system servicer, automatic garage door installer, awning erector, awning installer, basket weave fence erector, bathtub liner installer, billboard erector, chain link fence erector, cladder, commercial sign erector, commercial sign installer, countertop installer, curtain installer, deck builder, deck installer, dental equipment installer-servicer, dishwasher installer, dock builder-installer, door installer, drapery hanger, drapery installer, duct installer, duct installer – construction, eavestrough installer, electric appliance installer, electric household appliance installer, electric household appliance installer – residential and commercial equipment, electric sign erector, electrical appliance installer, exterior cladder, exterior trimmer – building, fence builder, fence erector, fence installer, floor sander, floor sander and finisher, floor sander and polisher, garage door installer, hot tub installer, hot tub servicer, hot water heater installer, household appliance installer, industrial door installer, interlocking paving stone installer, interlocking stone installer, irrigation system installer, irrigation technician – installation and maintenance, kitchen cabinet installer, kitchen cupboard and vanity installer, kitchen unit installer, laboratory equipment installer, laboratory furnishings installer, lightning cable installer, lightning rod installer, louvred fence erector, major electric household appliance installer, major electrical appliance installer, metal fence erector, mobile home equipment servicer, mobile home maintainer, mobile home repairer, mobile home servicer, neon sign erector, neon sign installer, office furniture installer, overhead door installer, patio builder, pipe organ erector, pipe organ installer, pool equipment installer, pool service routeman/woman, pool servicer, rail fence builder, recreation equipment erector, recreation structure erector, recreational equipment installer, residential door installer, residential room air conditioner installer, satellite antenna installer, satellite dish installer, septic system installer, septic tank installer, siding applicator, siding installer, sign erector, sign installer, snow fence erector, solar heating equipment installer, solar heating technician, solar hot water system installer, solar panel installer, stair installer, structure seat installer, swimming pool filter and heater installer, swimming pool installer, swimming pool repairer, swimming pool servicer, swimming pool worker, television antenna installer, traffic light installer, traffic signal installer, travel trailer installer-servicer, vanity and kitchen cupboard installer, Venetian blind installer, vinyl pool installer, water conditioner repairer, water conditioner servicer, water heater installer, water heater servicer, water softener installer, water softener repairer, water softener servicer, water softening system servicer, water-softening system installer, water-softening system repairer, weather strip installer, weather stripper, window air conditioner installer, window film installer, window installer, window shade installer, wire fence erector, wood siding applicator, wooden fence erector, wooden panel installer, and wooden window sash installer.
    • NOC 7521 - Heavy equipment operators (except crane). Also known as aerial tram operator, apprentice heavy equipment operator, asphalt batch plant operator, asphalt plant operator, asphalt roller operator, asphalt spreader operator, asphalt street paver operator, asphalt-grooving machine operator, asphalt-paving machine operator, asphalt-paving screed operator, backhoe operator, bituminous paver operator – heavy equipment, bobcat operator, boom-conveyor operator, bucketwheel operator, bucketwheel-excavator operator, buggy-operator skinner, buggy-scraper operator, bulldozer driver, bulldozer operator, cat operator, cat skinner, caterpillar car operator, caterpillar operator, concrete spreader operator – heavy equipment, concrete-grooving machine operator, concrete-paving machine operator, construction equipment operator, continuous bucket excavator operator, crawler tractor operator, ditcher operator – construction, ditching machine operator, dozer operator, dredge operator, dredge runner, earth-moving equipment operator, electrical equipment operator – shovel, elevating grader operator, elevating scraper operator, excavating machine operator, excavator operator, forest road machine operator, front end loader operator, gradall operator, grader operator, groove-cutting machine operator, grooving machine operator – heavy equipment, heater-planer operator, heavy construction-equipment operator, heavy equipment operating engineer, heavy equipment operator, heavy equipment operator apprentice, heavy-duty equipment operator, heavy-duty equipment operator apprentice, ho-ram operator, horizontal earth-boring machine operator, hydraulic excavator operator, industrial backhoe operator, loader operator – construction, marine railway operator, mining shovel operator (except underground), mole operator, mucker operator – construction, mucking machine operator – construction, paver operator, payloader operator, peat-moss-cutting machine operator, peat-moss-gathering machine operator, pile driver winch operator, pile-driving hammer operator, pipelayer operator, power grader operator, power shovel operator, pulvimixer operator, ripper operator – heavy equipment, road grader operator, road mixer operator, road planer operator, road roller operator, roller operator, rotary trencher operator, scarifier operator, scraper operator, shield operator, shovel operator – heavy equipment, side boom operator – pipeline construction, side boom tractor operator, snow removal equipment operator – private home, snow-grooming machine operator, spreader operator – heavy equipment, stacker operator – heavy equipment, street paver operator, stripping shovel operator, structural hydraulic jack erector, surface mining equipment operator, track-loader operator, tractor operator – construction, tractor-excavator operator, trench-digging machine operator, trenching machine operator, tunnelling machine operator, vibratory road roller operator, and vibratory roller operator.
    • NOC 7611 - Construction trades helpers and labourers. Also known as access floor installer helper, air breaker operator, air gun operator, air hammer operator – construction, air lock tender, air tool operator, air track drill operator helper, asbestos fibre preparer, asbestos remover, asbestos worker – construction, asphalt cold patcher, asphalt mixer, asphalt plant labourer – construction, asphalt raker, asphalt roofer helper, asphalt spreader, asphalt worker – road, awning installer helper, batterboard setter, bending machine operator – pipelines, bill poster, bituminous paving labourer, bituminous paving machine operator, blacktop raker, blacktop spreader, brick cleaner, bricklayer helper, brickmason's helper, bridge gang worker – construction, building and house wrecker, building painter helper, building wrecker, cabinetmaker's helper, carpenter helper, carpet layer helper, carpet mechanics helper, caulker – construction, cement and concrete pump tender, cement finisher helper, cement gun nozzle operator, cement gun operator, cement mixer operator – construction, cement pump operator, churn drill operator helper – water well, clamper – construction, concrete block pourer, concrete breaker, concrete finisher helper, concrete float pourer, concrete former helper, concrete gun operator, concrete mixer helper, concrete mixer operator – construction, concrete mixer operator helper, concrete mixer operator helper – highway construction, concrete paver operator helper, concrete paving labourer, concrete pourer – construction, concrete pump operator, concrete spreader operator, concrete waterproofer – construction, construction craft labourer, construction electrician helper, construction helper, construction labourer, construction labourer and helper, construction trades helper, construction worker, crane chaser, crane hooker, cupola spray reliner, dampproofer helper, deck worker, demolition worker, diamond driller helper – surface mining, digger – construction, ditch cleaner – construction, door frame installer, dope machine operator – pipelines, dragline operator helper, dragline operator helper – crane operation, dredge worker, driller helper – surface mining, drywall and acoustical board installer helper, drywall and acoustical installer helper, drywall sander, earthworks labourer – construction, excavation labourer, excavation worker, exterior cladder helper, firebrick layer helper, fitter helper – construction, flagman/woman, flagman/woman – construction, floor coverer helper, floor layer's helper, floor sander and finisher helper, floorcovering installer helper, floorcovering mechanic helper, form remover – construction, form stripper – construction, foundation dampproofer helper, foundation drill operator helper, foundation form worker, foundation waterproofer – construction, framer helper – construction, gas line fuser, gas pipe fuser, gas pipelayer – construction, general construction labourer, glass setter helper, glass worker helper – construction, glazier helper, grade tamper – construction, grout machine operator, grout pump operator, grouter, gunite mixer – construction, guniter – construction, highway concrete mixer operator helper, highway maintenance worker, highway sign erector, horizontal earth-boring machine helper, hoseman/woman insulation helper, industrial chimney repairer-mason helper, insulation blower, insulation blower helper, insulation blower operator, insulation hoseman/woman, insulator helper, interior and exterior wall erector helper, interior finisher helper, interior wall finisher helper, ironworker helper, jackhammer operator – construction, joiner helper – construction, lightning rod erector helper, maintenance carpenter helper, manual concrete vibrator operator, manual curb builder, manual stone spreader operator, manual terrazzo grinder, marble setter helper, masonry pointer and caulker, mason's helper, measurer, metal form setter – construction, metal roofer helper – construction, metal scaffold erector helper, metal trim erector helper, mole operator helper – construction, monument erector, monument setter, mud jack operator, nozzle worker – pile driving, oil burner installer helper, ornamental iron erector helper, ornamental metal worker helper, painter and decorator helper, painter helper – construction, paper latcher – construction, paperhanger helper, paperhanger helper – construction, pavement line painter, pavement line painter helper, pavement striper, paving operations labourer, pile driver operator helper – crane operation, pile driver operator's helper, pile driving chainman/woman, pile driving ground worker, pile-driving lead placer helper, pipe aligner – pipeline construction, pipe doper – construction, pipe-cleaning and covering machine operator, pipefitter helper – construction, pipelayer, pipelayer – construction, pipelayer – drainage systems, pipelayer – irrigation, pipeline caulker, pipeline labourer, pipeline mandrel operator, pipeline welder helper, pipeline worker – construction, pipeline-liner installer, pit bottom worker, plasterer helper, plate fitter helper – construction, plumber helper, pneumatic drill operator – construction, pneumatic hammer operator – construction, post hole driller, power curber tender, power shovel operator helper, precast concrete caulker, preheater tender – pipelines, quarry dump attendant, quarry labourer, refractory bricklayer helper, reinforcing wire mesh worker, renovation carpenter helper, rigger's helper – construction, rip-rap placer, road form setter, road mixer operator helper, road spray truck helper, roofer helper, rotary driller helper – water well, scaffold erector, scaffolder, seam caulker – construction, seat installer – construction, sewage pipelayer, sewer digger, sheather helper, sheet metal worker helper – construction, shore dredging labourer, sider helper, skid setter, skid setter – pipeline construction, slinger – construction, slip form curb machine tender, smelter liner, spacer – pipeline construction, spray truck helper, spreader box tender, stabber, stabber – pipeline construction, steam fitter's helper – construction, steel erector helper, steel form setting worker, steel forms setter helper, structural plate fitter helper – construction, structural steel erector helper, tamper operator, tamper operator – construction, tank builder helper, terrazzo finisher helper, terrazzo layer helper, terrazzo machine grinder, terrazzo mechanic helper, terrazzo polisher helper, tile layer helper, tile setter helper, tinsmith helper – construction, tombstone erector, tombstone setter, trades helper – construction, trench digger, tunnelling machine operator helper – construction, underground labourer – construction, vanity and kitchen cupboard installer helper, vibrator roller operator, vibratory compactor operator, wallboard sander, water pipe installer, water well driller helper, waterproofer – construction, waterproofer helper, welder-fitter helper – construction, and window caulker, wire mesh setter.
  • Provide evidence of language ability. At least a 4 in the four abilities is needed (speaking, listening, reading, writing). If you are wondering what means four. A person with a CLB 4 grade usually is able to communicate basic ideas, but still, some basic mistakes are done. Also, not able to understand complex conversations.
  • Have some relatives such as mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or cousin who lives in Canada and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Having a Canadian citizen or permanent resident spouse or a child also helps.
  • Must get a referral letter from the Canadian Labour Congress attesting all the above conditions are met.
  • No fit in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act paragraph 40(1)(a), and sections 41 and 42. Which specifies minimum time living in Canada and not legal problems than overstaying their temporary resident status and working without authorization. In other words, you are an honest person, no criminal record and your only fault here is the overstaying and working in construction without status.
  • Never done a failed refugee claim.

When to Apply for a Permanent Residency as a Construction Worker?

Applications start on September 3rd, 2019. Applications end by January 1st, 2022 or when the 500 permanent residences are granted, whatever it comes first.

Where to Apply for a Permanent Residency as a Construction Worker?

The Canadian Labour Congress website will have a form available. UPDATE: Since September 3rd the form is available here

Applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis and it is open to all qualified workers, whether or not they are unionized. Applicants will undergo rigorous screening by the CLC, based on the eligibility criteria, which may include in-person and/or telephone interviews.

What kind of Documents should I Start Collecting?

  • Expired work permit if exists
  • Expired record of a visitor if exists
  • Your last tax returns assessments, as much as you have. If you don't have it, you can enroll in the myCRA account and get them from there.
  • Letter of the landlord, a letter from school (if there are any kids) stating for how long you have been in Canada
  • Letter from the employer stating what kind of job you were doing an for how long. The letter must cover these two requirements and must fit into one of the authorized NOC to apply.
  • Take one of the English or French authorized exams such as CELPIP, IELTS or TEF.
  • Certificates of birth, or marriage of any relative who is going to support your application.
  • Copy of the permanent residence card or naturalization letter of the person who supports your application if applies.
  • Police clearance certificate also is known as a criminal record check. This is done at the Toronto Police Service. You will need:
    • two pieces of government-issued identification. You can get an Ontario ID, driver's license, immigration papers, or your passport.
    • one of these must contain a photograph and a signature
    • one of these must include your full name and date of birth
  • Referral letter signed by the Canadian Labour Congress
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