Saskatoon is a city located in the central part of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River.

Saskatoon is located on a large belt of potassium ore in the southern half of Saskatchewan and is located on the grounds of the Aspen Parkland Park. The lack of mountains around it, gives the city a relatively flat distribution, even though the city spans a few hills and a few valleys. The lowest point of the city is the river, while the highest point is shared by the suburb of Sutherland and the subdivision of the west side of the Confederation Park. Saskatoon, in a section of the west to the east, shows a slope in the elevation towards the level of the sea in the direction to the river, and in the border this of the river, the land returns to gain height until the limits of the city, when the elevation decreases again.

Saskatoon is in a dry meadow environment and experiences hot summers and very harsh winters. The city has four seasons. Extreme temperatures vary from -40 ° C in winter to 40 ° C in summer. Saskatoon is quite dry; The average annual rainfall is 347.2mm. One positive aspect of this low rainfall is that Saskatoon is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, with annual averages of 2,381 hours of sunshine. Extreme temperatures are also more tolerable due to the low relative humidity.

The lowest recorded temperature in Saskatoon was -50 ° C in 1893. The lowest temperature of sensation - combined with the wind - was -61.9 ° C.

The highest temperature in Saskatoon was 41 ° C in 1988.

Saskatoon is recognized worldwide as one of the most outstanding centers of Agricultural Biotechnology. Most of the research takes place at the Innovation Place Research Park and the University of Saskatchewan.


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