To study in Canada as an international student you will need to get the acceptance letter from one designated learning institution. The Government of Canada defines as a designated learning institution all elementary, secondary and some post-secondary schools authorized by the provincial and territorial government.

Therefore, visit the Authorized List of Learning Institutions on the Canada website. The Government of Canada do not do any paperwork on your behalf with the learning institution, you will need to contact them, explain your situation and run the process. Your goal is getting the acceptance letter.

Here are some quick head-ups:

  • Only and only designated institutions will give you the student permit. Many people think that studying a language is the easiest strategy to become a student If you were wondering if a language institution may qualify, look for it in the lists
  • If you are married, or in common-law, your spouse will get an open-work permit if requested
  • Public secondary schools in Quebec are eligible, however, Quebec only speaks french on public schools, so you must satisfy the language requirements
  • Not every designated institution will allow you to qualify for a post-graduate work permit, please be very careful with this
  • Having the acceptance letter is not a warranty for a study permit, you must satisfy other requirements as well
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