If you are doing your Work Permit application for the very first time or renewing it, you will need a letter from the employer confirming the job.

The offer letter is a letter that:

  • it is written on letterhead,
  • addressed to you and the CIC confirming the work offer (or renewal),
  • states the possible starting date,
  • mentions the proposed salary (or confirming if it is a renewal) and,
  • describes the activities carried out.

Actually, there is no specific format. We will put some examples here.

Tips before writing the Working Letter

Although it is not mandatory, here the objective here is to make it easy for the immigration agent to make a decision. For this reason, it is highly advisable to find the NOC equivalent of the position you are claiming. The description in the NOC list will help you write the letter.

Once with the position found, the next step is to write the letter yourself.

Sample Texts for the Job Offer Letter

We present some texts that have worked. Do not forget that the letters must be on the letterhead of the company and signed by an authority. It does not necessarily have to be the Director (aka CEO); deputy directors or managers can sign it.

Example 1

Dear John Doe,

Re: Offer of Employment - JOB's DESK NAME

I am very pleased to offer you the possition as JOB's DESK NAME. This is a full-time, temporary position with a start date of STARTING DATE and an end date of ENDING DATE (OR UNDEFINED). This position is conditional on the successful completion of an initial probationary period of three moths, during which time your performace will be reviewed.

The position will have a minimum estimated starting salary of $ 999,999.99 per year. Your salary is payable every two weeks, less required deductions. EMPLOYEE's pay is dependent on billed revenue that EMPLOYEE's is accountable for.

You will receive two weeks of paid vacations per year, pro-rated for your first year if applicable. Vacations are to be taken at such time or times as are mutually convenient between the employer and the employee.

You will be reporting directy to SUPERIOR, POSITION.

We look forward to having you join our team and look forward to your response. Should you have any queastions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (555) 555 5555.


Example 2

Dear Sir or Madam:


I write to confirm that BUSINESS NAME would like to request for an extension of work permit for EMPLOYEE's NAME. He is our JOB's DESK NAME and a crucial asset to our business. During his tenure of office, we have seen significant work done in our SOMETHING and its resulting development. He has a permanent contract with us and we would like to have his permit duly extended to allow him to contrinue his good work.

EMPLOYER's ANME is a CITY NAME based MARKET NAME provider serving business. We provide MAIN PRODUCT and are carving a niche for ourselves by providing OUTANDING PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

I remain available to provide any information you require.

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