If the idea of working in Canada has just arrived in your mind, you are not the only one who has had it. Honestly, it is an excellent idea. Canada has shown by itself to be one of the best places to live, not only because of its beautiful landscapes but for its healthcare, public education and quality of life in general.

So, the next question a person who wants to come to work to Canada would be: what are the requirements? We will try to answer this, please try to fit a generic answer to your own reality.

The General Process to get a Work Permit

Without entering in too many details, the general process is as follows:

  1. Find a suitable job opening. Look at the places where you would like to work. The key here is to find not only jobs you like but jobs that matches your work experience. It doesn't make sense if you look for baker positions if you have been a taxi driver for the last five years.
  2. Create a resumé with the Canadian style that fits the target job: the resumé is your silver bullet. The Canadian job culture requires a customized resumé per position you apply.
  3. Identify the NOC that covers that desired job. This is not a must, but if you get to step 6, you will need this.
  4. Apply to that job
  5. Educate your future employer about the process. Depending on your nationality - occupation combo you may or may not be an LMIA exception. The truth is that many employers do not even try to look at foreign nationals because of government drama. So, depending on your case, you will need to educate them in order to guide them to the right process. For example, LMIA exceptions are really easy to get; as a said, the myth that the government processes are impossible is just a myth.
  6. Get the work permit

We highly recommend reading our Looking for Job in Canada strategy. It points these steps in detail and shows some cultural aspects you must have in mind. Later, you will need to show the Government that you cover all the NOC qualification requirements.

As you see, getting a work permit is not a process where you just submit an application and you are done. It is a process that involves two subjects: the employer and the employee.

Required Documents to Get a Work Permit

Please note that this list is not definitive, it may change at any moment. Katapulta only tries to do a heads up to make your process smoother.

  • Basic immigration documents
    • A valid passport that won't expire in the following six months at the time you submit the application.
    • Photocopy of that passport.
    • Photocopy of any current immigration document you may have (such an old work permit, old visitor's record, etc).
  • Family Documents
    • Wedding certificate (if applies).
    • Translated wedding certificate to English or French (if applies).
    • Birth certificate of your kids (if applies).
    • Translated birth certificate of your kids (if applies).
  • Government authorization evidence
    • Photocopy of the approved LMIA (if applies), you get this from the employer.
    • Photocopy of the exception LMIA record (if applies), you get this from the employer.
  • NOC backup proof documentation
    • Your resumé. 
    • Experience letters from the past jobs you claimed. Letters must be in English or French.
    • Education title (if applies).
    • Translated education title (if applies).
    • Certificate of qualification (if applies).
    • Translated certificate of qualification (if applies).
    • Letter of Job Offer, you get this from the future employer.
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